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Mojo Yogurt LogoGet ready to smile because there’s a new healthy treat heading to Arizona and it’s in the form of frozen love.

Mojo Yogurt, a unique frozen yogurt concept that originated in Newport Beach, California, will have 4 stores in the Valley by years end.

“The all natural goodness of Mojo Yogurt triggers something inside you to make you want to smile. Everybody can use that extra spark on days where the world is trying kick your butt,” Mojo’s Vice President of Operations Hitesh Patel said.

Mojo stands for more than just frozen yogurt. It’s about producing positive energy that creates a healthy state of body and mind. It’s a zone you enter where you feel that you can be better, and consequently inspires you to help the world be a happier place.

“Being happy is a huge part of being healthy and enjoying life. Happy people have a healthy Mojo. It’s the universe rewarding them for doing something good,” Patel said.

The concept gives the customers complete control and creative freedom. They get to personalize their healthy treats to satisfy their own particular taste buds. It’s all self-serve so you can have as much Mojo as you can handle.

“It’s fun to watch our customers create their own yogurt masterpieces. There are so many different combinations that you can have something different every time you visit, depending on your mood,” Patel said.

Mojo locations will have 3 to 4 standard flavors at any given time and in addition, will highlight several more flavors on a weekly basis. Patel said that these other flavors will be different at every single location and will depend on several factors, one being the weather.

Once you decide on a flavor of frozen yogurt, the next step is to add toppings to your creation.

“There are fresh fruit toppings, imported chocolate, imported nuts and select organic topics such as berries to top off your positivity booster,” Patel said.

Just like choosing your yogurt, adding toppings is self serve and customers are allowed to add as much or as little as they choose.

Mojo opened its first Valley location at the City Center at City North in North Phoenix on November 13th. There were lines out the door and plenty of new Mojo lovers were created after they sampled the experience.

Mojo heads toward ASU near the end of the Fall semester with one location opening up in Tempe Marketplace in December and another location opening on Mill Ave. soon after. Each location will be celebrating their grand openings with a Freedom Friday, where people get a chance to check out the atmosphere and get some free yogurt.

The final Mojo location in the Valley will open at the Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix at the beginning of 2009.

Patel is excited to bring Mojo to the Valley and is eager to see how Valley residents will react to the unique experience created solely with one goal in mind, happiness.

“Especially right now, the world needs a healthier outlook. We want Mojo to represent that extra spark in a person’s life that is the difference between having an ordinary day and great day,” Patel said. “We think the world can a better place with some peace and frozen love.”

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